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Happy Father's Day to all our lovely dad's out there, and in case you are scrapping around trying to find wrapping paper and sellotape for your last minute present wrapping, can we point you towards the wonderful jewel box of a packaging store that is Shelf?

Tucked away in the East end of London, Shelf is in Cheshire Street. It is a beautifully organised store that celebrates illustrative artists such as Rob Ryan and carries cards and wrapping equipment you are never going to find in W.H Smiths (don't get us started on how horrible we think that store is….). Above is a photo of the contents of three of its gift stationery packs (starting at £2.99), with quirky little gift tags, printed bags for small presents and lovely things to tie on nicely wrapped boxes. These are nice enough on their own to give to stationery-mad friends but are also very useful to have around the house for times like, well today really.

The shop is a stationery lover's heaven, we are particulrly in love with the printed sellotapes we have only ever seen for sale here, they come in a number of widths and feature charming illustrations and line drawings to cheer even the dullest present up. We love using them on thick, old fashioned brown paper where the designs can really stand out. Sometimes we spend more time on wrapping the presents than on buying the gifts.

Shelf (open Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

40 Cheshire Street
London E2 6EH
Tel. 020 7739 9444

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