Declutter: The get-real guide to creating calm from chaos

Anyone who knows me IRL, will know I am a bit of a hoarder.  Coupled with the fact that M.A.D is a collector of things (shells, sea glass, beer bottles, match boxes, design books, magazines, vases – the list is endless) our house is more than bursting at the seams.

I appreciate the minimal John Pawson type aesthetic but could never ever live with it, as cosy and eclectic  with lots of pattern colour is what feels like home to me. So when my friend Debora told me she was writing a book about decluttering I was delighted. Mostly because her house isn’t unlike mine in its Hygge- like cosiness and it isn’t without stuff. “It’s for people like us,” she explained, “real people with real lives”.

My kitchen drawer of shame

If you er on the wrong side of chaos at home, Declutter: The get-real guide to creating chaos from calm could be the answer to your prayers, as it helps you to find your own comfort level when it comes to organising your stuff, meaning its much easier to maintain in the long term.

Packed full of tips for the time-poor person, Debora breaks down tasks into achievable goals and quick fixes to create, maintain and achieve a tidy home.

I have been using one of her decluttering by stealth tips this week. Simply take some of the 550 canvas tote bags you seem to have accumulated and hang them on every door handle in your house. As you potter about, put stuff that you no longer use into the bag, then at the weekend, gather up all the bags and take them to a charity shop – and repeat as necessary. So simple it’s ridiculous – and totally life changing.

You can buy the book here.


  • Nadine says:

    Is the title really meant to be creating chaos?

  • Claire B says:

    So glad someone else’s kitchen drawers look like mine, you’ve cheered me up immensely. My husband and I have just returned from holiday determined to get to grips with our clutter so this book is very timely. We also like “stuff”, but it’s starting to take over. Will definitely buy this book, I like that it doesn’t try and make us all into minimalist tidy freaks.

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