The YuYu: Hot Water Bottles Get A Makeover

My household loves a hottie. A snuggly hot water bottle, tucked between cold bedsheets in our draughty Victorian house is an old-school treat and much loved by my digital-native sons. We’d never really thought that there was anything lacking in our rectangular bottles, but the moment you set eyes on the YuYu version, all elongated stylish cream rubber, you think why weren’t they always this shape?

Yes, the hottie has had a makeover (thanks to Mr Richard Yu) and it is brilliant. The new longer shape may look like a robust condom, but it reaches heat to the parts other bottles can only dream of. Not only will it heat more of the bed, but you can wrap it around aching shoulders or lower backs and can tie it in place (if you get the fabric cover), so it’s elevated itself to a ‘wellness’ object. Just you wait, it’ll be on GOOP next.

The actual bottle has been made from high grade, fair trade, sustainable Sri Lankan rubber (the best apparently) and is a reasonable £15.00. You can buy fancy covers – in cashmere, should you want a lux version – or you can always knit yourself a home made version. Despite its daft sounding name (Yu means hot in Japanese apparently) the YuYu will be featuring heavily in my Christmas gifting schedule.

Available from YuYu Bottle or  Amazon here


  • Sue Evans says:

    Ordered !!!! Thanks for the head-up, who knew hotties could be so revolutionary !

  • Sigrid says:

    I was searching in my hometown (Zuerich, Switzerland) for such a hot waterbottle just the other week. Thanks to your article I found the yu-yu bottle in one of the better warehouses today, bought it and enjoy it now just as I write these lines to you. Thank you!

  • Amanda says:

    Glad to have helped, womenfolk! Ax

  • Jude says:

    Bought one, thanks for the heads up!!

  • celia smith says:

    Just received my YU YU hot water bottle, its brilliant, living in a small town couldn’t find any here, but wonderful Amazon had them, and it arrived within days. The weather has gone warm in the South (Weymouth)the last week or so. I must be patient, some very cold weather is on its way. I cant wait to use it.

  • Mark coblin says:

    Amazing and easy to carry for road trips.

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