We love: Vintage Vacations

Vintage vacations 

As you know we are looking for a holiday in the UK this year and are loving anything Vintage, so Vintage Vacations is ticking all our boxes. We think we may be too late to book for this summer, as anything this fabulous is sure to be snapped up, but stick it in you favourites, for an Autumn mini break.

Situated in the Isle of Wight, Vintage Vacations offer a unique way to holiday at home in retro style. Vintage American Airstream caravans complete with 1950's interiors, a wooden beach shack retreat, a tin Tabernacle Mission hut featuring an authentic 1950's 'English Rose' kitchen, or our personal favourite 'The Bungalow,' a 1960's three bedroom holiday chalet by the sea, are all available to rent.

So book now for an off beat holiday that will take you back to those simple back to basics holidays of your childhood.  Just pack up Ludo, your Top of the Pops LP's and some tinned Campbells meatballs and Angel Delight and you're all set for a nostalgic staycation.

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