Max Mara’s ageless modern woman

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We love Max Mara, it's where you go to buy clothes when you hit 30 and you can afford to step up from Marks & Spencer. Classic modern Italian styling and great fabrics and the best winter coats, hands down. So what's not to like?  Well nothing really, until we saw this weird window in the Bond Street store for the launch of the Winter range yesterday and we started to wonder if the current heat wave had rather got to the brand.

At first sight we got excited as it appears to be acknowledging us older women (surely the majority of their customers) by using words like NO AGE and TIMELESS on the window banner, always a sign that they've twigged who's got the money. But on closer viewing, the three 'classic, timeless ageless' dresses in the window are something of an odd choice. One is sleeveless with a strange envelope of bulky fabric over the bust, one is a halter neck and one is actually strapless. Now, we're modern girls here at the Women's Room, we are pretty good at trends and we are very open minded when it comes to new and challenging shapes when it comes to fashion. But not being able to wear a bra, being a little sensitive about our upper arms and trying to keep down extra bulk make us think twice about the suitablity of these styles.

What do these dresses represent, we wonder? We know a few lovely 25 year olds these dresses would look gorgeous on, but on us? hmmmm, challenging! I can't work out if Max Mara is trying to aim at younger dresses (with the styles on the mannequins) or older women ( with the words). Bizarre. Can anyone from Max Mara help us out here?

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