Simple Pleasures: fresh flowers


Ever since we were old enough to live away from home we have appreciated how fresh flowers can cheer up even the dowdiest of places. Call us extravagant, but even in the poorest of times we have used our last £5 to buy a bunch of gerbera or pansies to brighten up a horrible student flat or hideous rented house. Even now, with gardens of our own and nice houses, we often indulge in a huge bunch of flowers from one of our favourite flower shops, just because we can.
Having worked in London's West End on and off for years, Liberty's has long been a lunchtime sanctuary in moments of work induced stress. Simply entering the fabulous ancient shop enduces a feeling of calm tranquility and transports you to another world.
The flower shop at the entrance of the store always has the most stunning colour combinations and never fails to inspire us. Walking past the other day on a beautiful sunny day, we were struck yet again, by the simple beauty and never ending pleasure that flowers can bring.

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