We love: Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Les Graines


OR leather-look nails to you and me.

I’ve not been into the whole ‘nail art’ thing, I’ve admired it from afar and am truly amazed by the detail and colours around, but I’m just not sure it’s my style to be so decorative at my fingertips. Glitter nails made me want to pick off the bits, leopard effects left  me cold and who has time to apply transfers of stripes and flowers?

But matt leather effect? Now we’re talking.

TBH when I tried this new YSL nail polish effect, I didn’t read the packaging (reading glasses were missing) and just swiped on a brush full of the suede brown colour and thought ‘nice!’. Then something odd started to happen, it wrinkled and puckered-up and for one moment I thought maybe I’d applied an extra strong polish remover that was about to strip off my entire nail, but that’s just the leather-effect happening. As the polish dries, it goes matt and slightly grainy and I love it.

When I showed middleagedad he said ‘more tarmac than leather’ but in a GOOD way….and I’m not sure it really does look like leather, but whatever…

If you’ve been nervous of fancy new varnish finishes but are bored of boring gloss, then give this a go, it looks reasonably cool. See my scraggy nails below for an idea of what they look like…

La Laque Couture Les Graines are available in two colours, Taupe Graine, above and a leathery-brown,or Bleu Galuchat in metallic blue-grey. £18.50 from Harvey Nichols 

leather look nails





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