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The Do Lectures are a brilliant idea. Organised annually by the same people that founded clothes company Howies, they are a celebration of all those inspiring individuals who just get on and do things that make a difference. While the rest of us chatter on about the good ideas we come up with on a regular basis, the Do-ers actually get on with things and achieve amazing results just by getting out there and having a go. Some of them end up being very successful at it, and those are the people that organisers Clare and David Hieatt invite down to Wales to tell their story, so that some of their enthusiasm and pluck might inspire the rest of us. The whole week, which this year is scheduled September 3-7, turns into an inspiration-fest, which Howies describes as a bit of a Glastonbury for the mind.


There are only 60 places for the weekend, which is located at the ‘magical’ Fforest Farm, located between the spectacular Teifi gorge and Teifi marshes in Wales. Howies warn that there is ‘ No trouser press. No mini bar. No T.V. No dimmer switch for the stars and no wake up call unless you count the dawn chorus. Just a welcome return to the simple stuff.’


Eventually all the lectures will be on line, the aim is to get one million people to view the talks for free online ,which as David says, isn’t bad for a tent that only holds 85. To find out who is speaking and discover more, check out the Do Lectures website . Give your brain a holiday, tickets are £1000 for the week for individuals and £2000 for companies.

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