Style Icon: Jo Whiley (even tho’ the BBC is dropping her)


What person from the BBC thinks it's a good idea to remove one of the coolest, most musically informed women on the planet (that would be Ms Whiley) from her morning slot on Radio One because she is too old? Are we not allowed to listen/talk about pop music once we reach 40 any more?

Jo is 44 and is to be replaced by the vacant looking fluff head that is Fearne Cotton, who is 12 (or there abouts). What happened to being interesting to listen to? Or incredibly knowledgeable? Or a cool dresser (the fab kimono dress that Jo wore at Glastonbury 2009 is from AW2009 Paul & Joe), or just plain terrific? The BBC seems hell bent on proving that it is an ageist organisation, this week it has also kicked Arlene Phillips off 'Strictly' for being old and replaced her with someone who doesn't know here cha-cha from her twist, but looks cute and is 30.

Rant over, but our generation is challenging the BBC's view that pop music or music from new young bands is the privilage of the 16-21 year olds. Our generation was in at the conception of pop and although you do hold your younger years music dear to your heart (I can't let go of Joni Mitchell, T Rex and the first single I ever bought was Micheal Jackson), we are still passionate about discovering new music. The last CD I bought (Tuesday) was Slow Club, their first album and it got the thumbs up from both my teenage sons and, who are all music mad. With Spotify allowing us to create our own playlists and share them with other users, we might wonder what the point of Radio One is anyway.

We are boycotting the Cottonhead in disgust, shame on you BBC.

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