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Christoph neimann 

Christoph Neimann

We are big admirers of illustrators here at The Women's Room, we love Rob Ryan and hope everyone is loving our new picture of us by young artist Levanah Gates (in the top right corner of the blog) and just today we came across a gorgeous blog by illustrator, artist and author Christoph Neimann (thanks Jacqui for telling us about it! You might like to check out Jacqui's wonderful sticky tape blog, which is a master class in niche).

Christoph is an American, recently moved to Berlin and a dad of three small sons. He documents his activities with his boys (and other subjects) on his charming New York Times blog. We love the one about sleep, with acurate observations on what small children/mosquitos/noisey piping can do to a good night's sleep. We'd add age into that mix too…..The blog on his relationship with coffee is a joy to read, as is the one on New York made from Lego bricks.

The sleep illustration that caught my eye was the one about how, when Christoph finds himself going to bed before his wife on chilly nights, he warms her side of the bed first and moves over to the cold side when she gets in, because he loves her very much. Middleagedad moans nearly all the way through the winter months about how cold I am when I get into bed at night (poor circulation, my feet and hands are constantly freezing). I sent him a link to the blog and the illustration below and suggested he might like to adopted this selfless act to improve my night time temperature. So far, no comment.

Christoph's blog in the New York Times

Christoph's website (check out the sweet little pin man who taps his toes and dances when you hovver the mouse over him) 


Christoph Neimann

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