Going grey: are you brave enough?

Grey hair 
In the last few months I have decided that £100 every six weeks is just too much money to spend on my hair and have taken to using a £6.99 hair dye from the supermarket. Ironically, I have never had so many compliments!

I hate using it, it's messy and smells bad and there is always the worry that it will go wrong (I have never got over Anne of Green Gables), but soon as I've done it, I am instantly revived and feel like I look younger. I am firmly anti botox and cosmetic surgery and although I use anti wrinkle cream, am quite willing to live with my aging face. I like to think of my wrinkles as 'lines of experience.' But when it comes to my hair, I just can't go au naturale.

Grey hair can look stylish and sophisticated, but maybe it's like growing out a fringe. One has to go through a hideous in between phase to achieve the required look. Whenever I have attempted to 'go grey' I've given up after a few weeks, as my hair looks dirty, frizzy and unkempt. Maybe it's making the transition from shiny, healthy young hair (God knows why as I have had every hair destroying hairstyle under the sun) to wirey, grey older hair, that I find hard? Or maybe its because I am much much vainer than I care to admit.

Perhaps I should just go for  a blue or pink rinse!

Blue rinse
Let us know if you have been brave enough to go grey and stay that way?


  • Christine says:

    During my 50’s I went blond and loved it. But I could see that it did my rather fragile hair no good and After 5 years swallowed hard and let the natural grey come through. It is iron/silver and when I said to my hairdresser rather wistfully, that it would be nice to do blond again she just said why, your hair is gorgeous.
    Mind you having fun with color is something I miss and don’ t think that we should allow ourselves to limit experimentation and fun because we are old. Instead of blond I now have a yearning for purple.

  • Jane says:

    Go for it Christine – purple sounds fab – I agree experimenting is vital as we get older.

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