We love: The Fabulous Michelle


I was sent this totally fabulous and very over-the-top bag from Kay in New York this week, who called it the 'our lady of Obama bag' which I thought was very funny. Ignoring the kitchness, it is actually a fabulously designed bag, with lovely cheerful colours, terrific detail (note the different print on the side panals and the base, and the 'we love her' inside pocket), it's waterproof , tough and it's all made from recycled grain sacks. 

The bag comes from BLUEQ.com which is full of lots of great printed gifts, although I don't think they can be sent to the UK yet. It's worth looking at the site just to cheer yourself up, as some of the printed ditties are very witty in a kitch-fab way.

Michelle looks rather good in her red dress and satin heels and pearls, although I am a little alarmed at seeing the White House attached to a parachute….is there something we should know?

By the way Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers, sorry we forgot on Thursday but have a lovely weekend! (and thanks again Kay!)

Michelle bag

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