Shopping with experts: Jaeger’s Beatrix Ong boots

Hermos brown

This has definitely been the season of the boot and if you buy one thing before this winter is over, can we suggest it is a pair of ankle/calf/full length ones as there really are some terrific shapes around. We might leave the over-the-knee ones alone, not because they aren't nice (they are) but they might date a little faster than other lengths. We know of at least two people who brought out ones they had kept from the very last time they were popular (some time in the 80s) which is fine if you are buying long-term, but for something you can wear for the next two years, we'd stick to knee length or below.

We rather like these ones, called Hermos, which are by Beatrix Ong and are also sold in a couple of Jaeger stores. They seem like a good thing because a) they are flat and therefore wearable every day b) they are already on a promotional mark down offer, which is makes them doubly attractive to us (£454 down from £568). They come in brown or black.

TWR reader Belinda Earl thought our readers might like 'em (she is also CEO of Jaeger) and told us that she wears them with her batwing Jaeger dress and loves them. Our friend Cilla has also just bought a pair, so all things considered, we reckon they are worth a look. One for the Christmas list perhaps? Convenient link to send to time-poor other half here…..or get them from Jaeger in Regent Street (020 7979 1100) or Knightsbridge (020 7584 2814)

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