Simple pleasures: fashion origami

If, like us, you are sitting around wondering who on earth won the election and you are a bit bored of listening to the radio (can those exhausted political commentators keep going on guess work much longer, we wonder?) or watching TV, can we suggest a little light origami to keep your fingers busy? It helps while you listen to yet more hot airy waffle on what Nick might be saying to Dave while Gordon packs and then unpacks, then packs again.

We have found this Fashion Origami pack most helpful in relieving stress, you get so absorbed in making paper stilettos that eventually the droning political rhetoric just fades out completely. You can make paper Ugg boots, a sleeveless dress, a suit, plus shirt and tie, or a bra, which range in difficulty from very easy to intermediate. The dress is a bit tricky, but there's plenty of colourful paper supplied in this season's hot fashion colours to play with.

We picked it up from the shop attached to the Enchanted Palace exhibition, but it's also available at for £5.95. By the time you've finished the book, we may know who the Prime Minister is.

PS Very clever of Private Eye to have sort-of predicted the likely outcome on their Election Special, published on the 30th April.

Private eye

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