Middleagedmum.com: New year resolutions

New year

I hereby resolve that from January the 1st 2009 I will:

No longer shout and loose my temper, as I realise when hearing daughter shout at son 'why don’t you just f…k off you selfish b……d,’ that perhaps she is copying my behaviour.

Try to consult my moon calendar when planning events such as nights out or parties. See previous post

Not get irritated by my parents an hour after they arrive at my house. They are in their seventies and supposed to be annoying.

Not get irritated by my nieces and nephews five minutes after they arrive at my house, they are toddlers and supposed to be annoying.

No longer shop in Top Shop when I have PMT, as Nu Rave clothes are not really appropriate for women of 47.

Try to keep on top of children’s homework and coursework, as I always end up having to do it on a Sunday night.

Spend more time on Yoga and riding my bike and not use exercise as an excuse to binge drink.

Buy smaller wine glasses, so that I can quite honestly tell the doctor that I only drink two glasses of wine a day.

Continue to cook delicious hearty meals, but not eat portions fit for a farmer who has spent 8 hours gathering the harvest.

No longer present Middleagedad.com with a list of things of household jobs on a Saturday morning, as perhaps it doesn't start the weekend in a positive manner.

Not feel the need to point out how completely dysfunctional Middleagedad.com's family are, at every family gathering.

Try to stop getting up at 5.30am, as I am one step away from waiting for the Post office to open, to pick up my pension.

Live for the moment and enjoy being Middleagedmum.com. Teenagers can sometimes be a nightmare to live with, but in the not too distant future they will grow up and leave home (well maybe not till they are 30, as we do live in London!) and then I will be Emptynest.com, and how will that feel?

Happy New Year x

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