Style Icon: Sue Sylvester

Having never been sporty, I have horrible memories of sports lessons at school, where I always picked last for teams. I have also always loved a musical and have more than my fair share of GBF's (gay best friends), so the hit US tv series Glee, works for me on every level. 

The American comedy/musical drama set in Ohio, features a group of oddball teenagers who dont fit the usual Jock/cheerleader high school stereotypes, but are amazing singers, dancers and performers.Each episode is pure escapism and 'must see' tv, if you are a fan of over the top camp fantasy and love to champion the underdog.

The recent Madonna episode, saw scary PE teacher Sue Sylvester get a makeover from Kurt (my favourite character) and Mercedes, and recreated the iconic Madonna single,Vogue. As she usually only ever wears a tracksuit, it is a joy to behold. 

If you haven't yet tuned into Glee (what planet have you been on?) we suggest you get yourself the box set of the first series and start tuning into E4 on Mondays nights at 9pm. You won't regret it. 

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