Moth frenzy update: pheromone traps


I bet that if you live in the UK, you've spent this weekend in the garden or outside enjoying the good weather, possibly having swapped your winter wardrobe for sun dresses and more summer orientated clothing. Your thoughts are probably a long way away from your cashmere jumpers and winter woollies.

Well be warned, you need to get back to the cupboard quickly! Because if you suffer from moths, now is the time to be vigilante as my little moth trap pictured below can demonstrate. At the beginning of last week this sticky trap was empty of moths, and had been for a few weeks, but by this weekend it was filling up with the little beasties. This is moth season.

I have written about my problems with moths before, and since then I have been using these little pheromone moth traps with great success. The small disc you place in the centre of the sticky trap is laden with the smell of female moths and attracts enthusiastic males who get trapped in the glue and die. With out the males the females can't produce those pesky grubs that do all the damage.  

I've been getting my traps from Stuart Miles from Xverminator, a qualified pest controller, at £45.00 for ten traps, email him at [email protected]. He can also sort out bigger infestations if you have problems. Whatever you do, stay vigilante.


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