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Red lipstick on older women

You know you're getting older when your make up routine takes approx 10 minutes, and that's you being indulgent. A quick wash, slap on some tinted moisturiser, whack on the mascara and in my case, a slick of red lipstick, and you're done!

You know what you like and don't really care if the beauty pages are telling you smokey eyes and nude lips are in fashion, you have worn blue mascara since you were 14 and you're not going to stop now. There is nothing more age defining than hair and make up and 40 somethings tend to fall into several beauty profiles.

There is the Aging Rock Chick; think anyone married (or formerly married) to a Rolling Stone (apart from Charlie Watts wife, who is tres chic!) and Stevie Nicks. Shoulder length straggly streaked hair, with side swept long fringe, heavy eye make up and pale lips, are the look du jour for the 40 something WAG.

Then there is the Eccentric Creative, think Edna 'E' Mode (from the Invincibles) meets Magenta De Vine. Jet black hair with a short severe fringe in helmet like bob, with black designer glasses and bright red lipstick, which say ' I am unconventional, creative and ever so slightly scary!'

And last but not least there is the Down Trodden Earth Mother. Sadly, her hair has not been near a hairdresser in many years, mostly because she was breast feeding Octavia, Felix, Henry and Theo for most of the 90's. She has little or no make up routine, as she has much more worthy things to do, but may slap on some 10 year old foundation for a wedding, causing her family to ask if she's ok, as she looks ill.

I am part down trodden mother (my routine is all surface and no detail – although that is probably too much detail!!) and a lot eccentric creative, and my make up routine is definitely stuck in a rut – and I don't care.

I love my red lipstick and have no intention of giving it up. It has seen me though the early 80's when it was accompanied by the most severe drawn on eyebrows known to man, the late 80's when I wore only black for several years. The early 90's when, after I had given birth, I reached for my red lipstick before receiving visitors. The years of bringing up small children, when as soon as applied my lipstick I felt like a person again, not just a mum. Even now,  despite my increasing wrinkles and grey hair, I still feel revived and bright, when I apply my current favouite red.

I have no perfect red, I flit from Chanel to Nars, even Boots, and am currently loving the new Top Shop shade, Rio Rio. I am happy to try them all, and will occasionally throw in a bright orange or shocking pink, just for fun.

So ladies if you are stuck in rut make up wise, good for you. Whatever makes you happy, we cant all be Madonna! I for one will be sporting the 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane' look right to the end!!

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