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One of the joys of aging is that your friends (particularly the ones you've known for ever) get old with you and understand what you are going through. I have just come back from a week away with five girlfriends that I have now known longer than I haven't known them. We were all at college together and met as fresh faced 18 year old's more interested in having fun away from home than studying for academic qualifications (although we'd never tell our soon-to-be-college-student teenagers that of course!). 

This year we all turn 50 and our treat to ourselves was a week by a sun drenched pool in Nice, France. We didn't stop talking for the entire time, discussing subjects way to outrageous to blog about (the husbands might read it and find out….).

We all love food and are good cooks, so when Clare (who is the best cook among us) sent this 'recipe' for the perfect holiday, it seemed a brilliant way of summing up all that was good about our week away. 

Here it is, results may vary.

A n(N)ice recipe for a perfect 50th birthday


6 girlfriends (chose the finest, preferably grown from seed at …..(add school or college of choice)

Rose wine (vast quantities)

Villa with pool

Contents of one French boulangerie

Salad leaves

Sun cream

Sunshine (if available)


1) Take 6 girlfriends, the finest available and place in villa, by pool.

2) Add sunshine (if available)

3) Baste in suncream and arrange decoratively around the pool, turn regularly.

4) Allow conversational juices to flow. These will be copious and contain strong flavors of humour, wit, warmth and intelligence and be peppered with utterly unsubstantiated pronouncements concerning the sexual orientation and behaviour of just about everyone you know and many you don't. 

5) Add salad leaves, and very small amounts of French bread.

6) Gradually add a lot more French bread, surreptitiously muttering 'I don't really do bread'.

7) Marinate in Rose wine until well after midnight. 

8) Allow to rest in cool dark room overnight.

9) Repeat steps 1-7 for five days

10) Enjoy for years

With thanks to Clare for the recipe, look out for her Cook Book of Life, coming soon (now there's an idea Clare!).

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