Modern dillema: how to display peonies

Womens Room reader Nick, sent us a text this week, asking if we had a problem page, as she felt there were some things that only The Womens Room would be able to help her out on. 

She was having trouble working out which vase peonies look best in. At first we thought, why, surely they look good in any vase. But when we bought some peonies and tested them out, we found it is indeed really difficult to find the right vase. We are huge lovers of fresh flowers, but simply don't have the time or the inclination to fiddle around arranging them, so vases are very important to achieve a good look

Luckily I have a vast vase collection and was able to spend some time working out the perfect shape and as I had a huge pile of admin on my desk, it was the perfect diversion.

It seems it all about the height and width of the vase and how you cut the stems. The vase needs to be quite wide at the top (a jug is good) and narrower at the bottom and the stems should be quite short. As the above pictures show, the taller vases just don't do the flowers justice.

I had also bought some hideous, fake looking chrysanthemums at the supermarket for £3, and by using the right vase, even managed to make them look good, in a kitsch way! 

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