Sun dressing, Italian style

Sun dressing 01

I've seen some great examples of stylish dressing-for-extreme-heat while here in Italy, many of which successfully challenge the rules on length/sleeveless/cleavage and bling often associated with older women. This very glamourous woman above looked stunning in her mini and cropped top, she had brilliant deportment too, so pulled the whole look off with great conviction. I've been quite surprised how many older women I've spotted wearing short lengths.

I think the great thing about Italian women is that they have such a polished presentation and their clothes are always in such great condition, even at the beach and they never go without accessories or good shoes, it gives an additional sense of glamour. Here are some examples I shot in Forte dei Marmi and Lucca.

Sun dressing 02
 This woman has on tiny white shorts and a white bra under her Mui Mui top and although perhaps a bit bold for most 35plusers, she pulled it off really well.

Sun dressing 03
I wish I had had the courage to ask this woman for a shot from the front, as this top/dress is gorgeous, the pin tuck sleeves and tiny print looked expensive. But even though it was SO short it still looked terrific as she clearly has the legs for it and they were nicely tanned. Not that her age is important, but she was (I'd guess) in her late 40s. 

Sun dressig 04
 In Forte dei Marmi this lovely clear blue linen number looked the perfect sundress for an early evening stroll.
 Sun dressing 05
 And this layered dress-over-dress combo was really pretty and fresh, the white cotton under dress lifted the whole effect.

Sun dressing add 

I can't begin to tell you how FABULOUS this dress print was, all one piece of fabric it went from check to spot to floral to stripe with a few geometrics scattered about too. I shot this woman in Lucca's Esselunga supermarket, but she got the dress in the market in Forte dei Marmi. It is fantastic quality poplin cotton too. Wish I'd spotted it there!

Sun dressing 06
I've seen loads of these tailored shift dresses, worn just to the knee or below, this one was in a black heavy satin with damask birds and butterflies. Small dogs, just like phones, a good bag, sunglasses and jewels are an essential accessory. 

Sun dressing 08
Not everyone wears dresses, this neat shirt/tailored trousers look is also around, note the ankle length hemline on the linen trousers -v chic- and the very slightly turned up collar on the shirts. Nice bag too.

Sun dressing 09
LOVE the plum coloured trousers, which are in a rough silk finish.

Sun dressing 10
This picture is slightly cheating as this woman actually comes from Bournemouth. She really caught my eye with the shot of magenta in her hair from her artfully tied scarf. Short skirt again, teamed with great shoes……

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