TWR on holiday: Kate’s Lazy Meadow

Kates Lazy meadow

Part two of our US holiday has taken us upstate in New York to the Catskills. An often overlooked area associated with hippies and Hicksville, which over the past couple of years has been attracting artists and musicians escaping Manhattan for the simple life and New Yorkers looking for affordable second homes.

Women's Room reader and world traveler Francesca told us about Kates Lazy Meadow a while ago and we just knew we were going to love it. Owned by Kate Pierson, singer in one of my favourite ever bands, the B52's, the meadow is situated on the banks of the Espous Creek. The former motel features motel style cabins, Airstream trailers, a giant tepee, fire pit and hot tub. The interiors are a fabulous blend of 50's kitsch and log cabin coziness and were designed by Phillip Maberry and Scott Walker  who's home was used for the Love Shack video.

Kates lazy Meadow 2
If you are planning a trip to New York and fancy a few days in the mountains, we can recommend a visit to Kates, but go in the Autumn/Fall when the leaves are changing colour.

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