Gelupo: the best ice cream in London?


On Saturday night I was treated to a belated birthday treat, supper at super trendy Bocca di Lupo in Soho, London. However, when we got there the entire street had a power cut and the deeply apologetic restaurant staff decided they had no choice but to close…disaster! So much for supper.

Before we headed off for a Big Mac, we popped across the road into Bocca di Lupo's equally powerless ice cream parlour Gelupo, which had three giant freezers full of melting ice cream to shift very quickly. So we hung about in the emergency lighting and encouraged by the enthusiastic and lovely staff, tried everything they had.  

This is mega (Gelupo call it 'artisan') ice cream and was just as good as the fantastic gelato we had in Italy on holiday, better possibly. The place is pretty too, with lovely store fixtures, nice colours and delicious wafers and cones. In no real order, our favourite flavours were; pine nut with fennel seeds, chestnut, avocado with honey, blackberry, blood orange granita and chocolate sorbet.

If you are close to Soho, you just have to visit this place, it feels like its the beginning of something big. There are a few Italian provisions for sale as well as ice cream and it has a deli which sells focaccia sarnis at lunch time and freshly made bombe calde, chocolate doughnuts at night. Conveniently it's open from early until very late….I mean, heaven or what? 

Gelupo is at 7, Archer St Soho, W1D 7AU, just behind Piccadilly Circus and is opposite its sister restaurant Bocca di Lupo


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