Readers Kitchens: Jill from East Dulwich

Jills kitchen

Who: Jill from My Friends House

Where: East Dulwich, South East London

What do you do in your kitchen and who with? My favourite kitchen activity is listening to a particular radio show on saturday morning (Adam & Joe, r6 music) with breakfast, the papers and anyone else who is up (husband, two-year-old son). Annoyingly my dj’s are currently on leave, so at the moment the kitchen is about everything else – cooking, eating, playing with my son, hanging out with anyone who visits.

How would you describe your style? Hmmm…comfortable, colourful and covered in a fine layer of cat hair.

What is your favourite and most useful object? The radio, it’s on all the time. I flit between r4 and r6 music with a bit of bbc world service thrown in. For cooking though, my small and lovely chopping board which hangs up when not in use.

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