We love : buying Zara online

Zara cape
So, at last, we get Zara on line.

This is exciting news for anyone stuck in remote outposts with no access to smart shops (hello Lindsey….) as Zara really is a terrific place to buy well made fashionable pieces that you can slot into your wardrobe to bring it up to date. And they are not youth obsessed, so many of the trends and styles are really wearable for all, which is where the knitted cape comes in (above, very Miss Marple chic) although this doesn’t appear to be for sale until later in the season. 

I really like the shopping experience in Zara stores (when they are not busy), I think the stores are pretty well laid out and do great merchandising, but not everyone is close to one, so the website is going to be good news for those aren’t.

Tailoring is what Zara does well (in our opinion) and there are some great jackets and coats at realistic prices (many in camel),  which look very covetable. I’m also sold on the super fine cashmere jersey for £39.99 and the Fair Isle sweater which is called a jersey de jacquard perqueno…(I’m sorry guys, it’s a Fair Isle) at £29.99. 

The REALLY good thing about this website is the styling, each items is styled up with other stuff to give you ideas on how to wear it. I think this is much more interesting that the standard flat front catalogue shot. We also like the clean, paired back but not too stark look to the site, it’s resisted the urge to shove stuff in every corner to link this page to that, it’s a calm visual experience, which we are grateful for.

The bad news is for those of us spending too much time on screens already, this is just another distraction…I can see we will be doing quite a lot of browsing at Zara.com.

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