Middleagedmum.com: Powdergate

In the last few years I have decided that my skin is no longer youthful enough to stand just any old skin care and cosmetics. Throughout my 20's and 30's I was happy to wash and go with any old bit of soap that was hanging around the bathroom and my moisturisers ranged from posh and expensive when I was feeling flush, to good old Nivea, when I had spent all my money on clubbing.

These days my skin requires a little more TLC to avoid looking like a mad old boot who breeds horses (no offence to any horse breeding readers, but you know what I mean). So recently, I've been treating myself to some decent beauty products to stop myself from screaming in a Catherine Tate type way, when I look in the mirror - 'Aaah who the Hell is that old woman? 

Don't get me wrong I'm not spending ridiculous amounts of money on La Prairie or Sisley, I am simply doing a little more research (thanks Amanda for your recent beauty posts) and taking a little more time cleansing and moisturising and applying a bit more foundation. Which quite frankly isn't difficult, as I have never, ever, been very high maintenance.

Teen daughter of course is my polar opposite (isn't that always the way) and spends hours and hours, cleansing, moisturising and watching American girls called Blair and Elle on YouTube, tell her how to apply far too much make up. Consequently, she is far more polished and groomed than I could ever hope to be!

Last week when I had spent my lunch hour buying a new skin care products, I came home feeling a little guilty, but also quite excited!! I planned to go to Yoga, drink lots of water and have an early night, in order to do new products maximum justice.

After an invigorating yoga session, I come home to find two of the creams and the 'Flawless' foundation/powder missing. Mmm, so much for my new improved make up routine. I have a vague idea where they might be, I'm pretty sure neither MAD or teen son have them and the puppy can't get up the stairs yet, so there is only one suspect. She is in bed, so I wait till the morning to enquire. When confronted, she accuses me of being ' a little bit sneaky'. 'I can't believe you would buy new products and hide them from me'!

Interesting, I wasn't aware I was hiding them or being 'sneaky'. Naively, I simply thought I had bought myself something and put it in my own bathroom to use later. But obviously that was wrong! I decide not to have a row, ask her to return them, and tell her to ask me, if she wants to borrow them again.

I leave for the day and when I get back she has gone out for the evening. I notice that the creams have been returned but the 'flawless' foundation/powder is till missing. She rings an hour later and asks to stay at a friends and I ask where the powder is. 'Oh it's in my bag, I took it to school and then forgot to take it out". This is wrong, on so many levels, that I am speechless and agree to say no more about it, if it's returned the next day. But by now it's the weekend and I forget all about it, and it remains firmly in her bag and on her face.

Finally on Monday morning I loose it and storm into her bedroom demanding it back. 'I think you are being a bit selfish', she says, 'you only have to ask nicely and I'll let you borrow it.' My rage knows no bounds, I explode and say all the usual mum things involving, work, money, respect, sharing, bedroom tidying, helping in the house, the things I do for you, I wouldn't mind if ….etc etc – oh you've heard them all before!!
I storm out and spend the bus journey sending angry texts, making my point, over and over again. She sends me a text back, saying she didn't realise it was such a big deal and she'll buy me a new one. 

Later, I get home and I explain that I was SO annoyed because I hadn't actually used the powder, not even once. 'That's a shame', she says 'cos no-one can use it now, as it fell out of my bag today in PE and smashed. But don't worry, I'll buy you a new one and we can share it'.

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