Frieze Art Fair 2010: TWR edited highlights

Picked first
Middleagedad and Amanda reflected in the work by Geert Goiris

Today we were thrilled to be invited along to the opening day of Frieze, supposedly to look at the art, but I was FAR more interested in the clothes. Really, art lovers care about what they wear and there are some terrific shots of wonderful outfits coming in Saturday's post. But we are honoured today to have MAD edit our selection of art for you, he is an informed enthusiast and has managed to whittle the huge array of wonderful art on offer down to just a few select pieces. 

My highlight was actually meeting artist David Shrigley, who we have mentioned here before. He was exhibiting his illustrative and sculptural work and hand painting tattoos on anyone who wanted one. He refused to tell you what you were going to get, he just drew what he thought suited you. There were no slots available when I got there, despite pleading with his lovely minder Alice, offering bribes and then weeping on the floor like a child (not really but I was keen) I couldn't swing it and came away tattoo-less. 

But there was plenty of other art to enjoy, my absolute favourite was Jenny Saville 's unsettling portrait, closely followed by Bharti Kher's spinning globes. MAD brushed up against Claudia Schiffer (yeah right, just shared some gallery space more like) which made his day, and I was awe struck as to how gorgeous Mrs David Bailey was in real life (he on the other hand was sloth-like and small, I guess you have to know him to love him).

Frieze Art Fair  is on at Regent's Park from now until Sunday 17th October, tickets are £25. Go, it's fab.

PS for more of Middleagedad's Frieze favourites, check out Jogroglog

Picked 01
Jenny Saville at the Gagosian Gallery

Picked 02

Cathy Wilkes at The Modern Institute Gallery
Picked 04

George Shaw at the Wilkinson Gallery

Bharti Ker at the Hauser & Wirth Gallery
David shrigley

David Shrigley painting tattoos, sadly not on me.

Catherine Yass at the Alison Jacques Gallery
Picked 06

Jane & Louise Wilson at the 303 Gallery
Picked 03

Rodney Graham at the Lisson Gallery

Frieze 111
Dan Colen at the Gagosian Gallery

Frieze 032
Henrik Olesen. This one made me feel like going home and sewing all my collections of 'stuff' onto a canvas and sticking it on the wall. 

Jake & Dinos Chapman, The White Cube (rubbish pic, sorry…)

The wonderful David Shrigley

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