Madonna: Icon or letting the side down?


Ok Madonna, enough already. We know you are thin and we can see by your incredibly defined muscles that you work out every day. You're 50 and look more like 35, what are we supposed to think? We wish we looked like you (and we're not even 50 yet) what a role model, we wish we had your life? Well quite frankly, no we don’t. We've had enough of seeing you in your pants and we have absolutely no desire to starve ourselves, exercise for four hours every day and be defined by our looks.

When we look back to those backcombed days of Desperately Seeking Susan, when you were a normal weight, slightly scruffy, aspiring actress/singer and we look at you now, we are filled with admiration for what you have achieved. You have redefined and reinvented yourself to appeal to generation after generation. In many ways you are an example to younger women on how hard work and determination can bring success. But are you a role model to women like us?

Sure, we could all look like you if we had the money, and time. But do we want to? Isn’t it better to grow old gracefully, accept who you are, wrinkles and all and celebrate the things in life that make it worth living. As we grow older naked ambition isn’t such an attractive quality, nor is the desperate desire to be desired.  The latest publicity pictures for Hard Candy don’t make us envious, they just make us feel a tiny bit sad that we have lost you as an icon.

What do you think? Comments please!

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