We (well make that I) love: The Only Way is Essex


I love Downton Abbey, Modern Family, Mad Men, even Newsnight and I am a big fan of BBC4. I love culture of all kinds, and I mean all kinds. I love galleries, weird interactive theatre, read a couple of (serious-ish) books a month and listen to Radio 4 constantly.

Oh yes, dear readers I have all the right  middle class/middle aged female credentials. But I also have to admit to a serious trash TV addiction! I like to tell people it's research for the day job, as it's vital for me to be tuned into the most recent fashion and lifestyle trends, but really it's because I am terribly nosey and voyeuristic. So consequently, Eastenders could be my specialist subject on Mastermind, I have watched all 11 series's of Big Brother, Thursdays wouldn't be complete without What katie Did Next and I was banging on about Come Dine With Me, long before anyone else had even heard of it. 

The latest offering from ITV 2, The Only Way is Essex ticks all my trashy TV boxes and then some. A cross between a soap, documentary and reality TV show, the UK's answer to The Hills/Jersey Shore is truly the most hideous/fabulous thing to hit our screens in a long time. The clearly scripted docu/drama follows the lives and loves of glamour model Sam, wanna be glamour model Amy (who is so fascinating and not in a good way), playboy/nightclub entrepreneur Mark, his on/off girlfriend Lauren and Kurt, the 'jeal' (Amys abbreviation) almost boyfriend of Amy.

We learn that Lauren has had Marks name tattooed on her pubic hair line, watch Sam have a vajazzle (a glittery vagina, to you and I!) and see the boys spend vast amounts of money on watches and clothes.

It truly is an insight into another world and perhaps sums up why so many young girls increasingly see being 'glamorous' as a career. In a few weeks time I will no doubt be composing a feminist rant about how programmes like these rot our impressionable daughters minds, but for now I'll sit open mouthed on Wednesday and Sundays nights, screaming with horrified glee. 

Picture 1 Nanny Pat does Marks ironing

BTW my favourite characters are Harry, Amys camp cousin and Nanny Pat, who has so far turned up at Marks flat with a Sausage Plait and a Bread and Butter pudding. She is the perfect Essex nan and believe me, will become a massive star in her own right! Remember we told you about her first!

Go on take a look, you know you want to!!

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