We are fascinated by: Women on Fifth

Visiting New York this summer, I was fascinated by the number of older women who had very obvious surgery. The first generation to embrace cosmetic enhancment on a grand scale, these women seem to be the victims of the early days of plastic (and plastic is certainly the word here) surgery and look strangely freakish.

I had an almost irristable urge to stare and felt sorry for these women who obviously felt so uneasy with aging, that they had mutilated themsleves to such an extent.

A series of photographs called Women on Fifth by Leland Bobbé, features the older women who shop, lunch and live on Fifth Avenue and range from strangely eccentric to freakishly plastic.

If you ever feel even slightly tempted to have botox or surgery, take a look at these images and hopefully you will be put right off!!

Picture 4
Picture 5

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