Martha Moments: magazine boot trees

Boots 1
I have more pairs of boots than is good for me, I am happy to hold my hands up to this fact and I am often wracked with guilt at the appallingly uncaring way I treat them. Having spent what always feels like a terrifying amount of money on each pair I then casually allow them to scuff around the bottom of the wardrobe in a very unkempt and unloved way.

Since the combined financial worth of my boot collection now amounts to more than the UK has in the Bank Of England (thinking about it, possibly more), I need to start taking care of them, which brings me to today's Martha Moment.

Boot trees cost a lot of money and they are plasticky and nasty looking (the wooden ones are well out of my price range when you think about how many I need). Boot shapers are cheaper but I have so many pairs of boots I calculated that I would need to spend almost the price of a pair of boots again on buying enough, and I'm not wild about those bits of plastic…..

So this season I will be stuffing my boots with…..rolled up old copies of Vogue, which do the job fantastically well, so much so that I don't wonder if someone might have designed them for the purpose.

The medium sized copies are best, I have found that September's issues are a wee bit fat to roll (particularly US and Italian Vogues) but round about June and November you get about the right thickness. 

By rolling them tightly you can slot the magazine right into the heel of the boot, then it unfurls just enough to push itself into the shape of the leg bit and hold it firm. Since the magazines are quite heavy, this additional weight gives the boot stability and stops it from getting knocked over in the mad chaos that is the shoe area of my clothes cupboard. Magic. And free of charge.


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