Watch this: Miranda

If like me you can quote lines from Victoria Wood, Absolutely Fabulous and Catherine Tate, then you will love BBC sit com Miranda. If you haven't already, you simply have to buy the box set of series one and catch up with series two on play back (it's not out on box set yet). 

An unashamedly middle class comedy with more than a touch of slapstick and every single character is hilarious in a very British way. It's not very often I actually hoot with laughter at a BBC sitcom, but this one is right up there with all the female comedy greats. 

So this evening, if you have had enough of present wrapping/cooking/making lists/planning your hideous journey somewhere in the snow, pour yourself a large glass of something strong, open a box of Christmas chocs and have a comedy moment all to your self. But remember don't watch with the males in your house, they won't (and quite frankly shouldn't) get it!

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