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Everyone has childhood memories of food, good and bad, be it their mum's cooking, school dinners or being told to 'eat your greens'.

Food Glorious Food is new exhibition at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, which explores how food affects our everyday lives, comparing our diets today with those of the last hundred years, including Edwardian, Second World War, post-war, and the 1980s. The exhibition also looks at how food is grown and where it comes from, who does the cooking, changes in food preparation and the pleasure of eating.

Perhaps it will tell us how to make everyone in our families eat the same thing at the same time, without complaining, or is that just a ridiculous unattainable dream?

Food Glorious food,
The Museum of Childhood,
Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9PA 

29th January – 8th May

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