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Gosh we are chatty today, you have THREE blogposts this chilly London Friday, this is the second and there's a tea time treat coming up at 4.00pm too!

This one is a quickie, I've just been researching calling cards and discovered this beautiful blog from the New York (Brooklyn, to be precise) florist and soap maker Saipau. The photos are so lovely they will cheer your day up if you are feeling a little winter-blue-ish. Great for colour inspiration too. The team behind the shop are of Finnish extraction and the store/production base sounds like our sort of place. Any of our New York friends know this store?

PS we're having something of a Scandinavian moment here at TWR, what with Hel Yes! and Saipau and the Norwegian Skin Science anti ageing range of beauty products Jane and I are testing (and loving, more on this when we've finished our tests!) Stylish people.

 ps, just found this lovely blog too that Sarah from Saipua seems to be involved in, SO distracting! Don't look if you are supposed to be working.

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