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If you are a designer and have to match colours on a regular basis, you will be only too aware of the Pantone colour system. Established in 1963, Pantone have pretty much owned the world of colour since then.

Being a colour forecaster I spend a lot of time choosing and matching new colours and persuading sometimes reluctant buyers to try out new ones. You may imagine working in fashion means you are constantly surrounded by enthusiastic people desperate for the next new thing, but it isn't always the case. 

Think Pink funny face Kay Thompson office fabric
One day I will be done with fashion and let you in on all the trade secrets, in my novel ' Tears, Tantrums and Toiles' ©, which will be a hilarious (hopefully) insiders view of the British fashion industry. But until then you will have to be content with the fact that the heady world of high street fashion isn't always full of fabulously fashionable people, floating around, draping fabric onto mannequins, proclaiming 'I'm feeling pink'.

Despite all this I am still a huge love of colour and surround myself with it, through my clothes, in my house and the endless objects I collect. Nothing cheers me up more than looking at my collection of pots arranged in colour stories, or throwing on a jumble of bright colours and a slash of red lipstick. I am aspiring be one of those old ladies who make you think, either 'how fabulous is she', or 'Oh my God, she's slightly insane, should she be out'?

I was delighted when I came across these Pantone Cookies on one of our favourite blogs Design Sponge. Made by freelance designer and illustrator Kim Neill, who thought of the idea when she bought some Pantone chip tins and thought they would make the perfect gift, if they were they were filled with cookies. 

They are SO nice, we are logging onto Lakeland as we speak, to buy some new icing colours. I wonder if Pantone have thought of doing food dyes?


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