Tea time treat: A moment with Steve McCurry

Grab a cup of tea and have a quiet cultural moment with us as we watch one of our favourite photographers, Steve McCurry, explain how he works.

His portraits are wondrous, powerful and a constant source of inspiration for colour and texture. So it was a surprise to find out, via this rather nice Phaidon video, that he’s looks like quite an ordinary chap, quietly spoken and quite easy to miss (although if you squint, there’s a vague-ish resemblance to the elder David Essex…)

We suppose that’s how he manages to slip into the background when he’s travelling to those out of the way places to take such great shots. We love how his gentle manner contrasts with those amazing photos…We are now inspired to have a ‘blue moment’ after seeing some of those shots.

The Phaidon website is terrific, BTW, in case it has slipped your notice, The food section is fab, it even has recipes….


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