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Remember a while ago I wrote about how my GBF and I would love to create a retirement home for gay men and women. Well it seems someone else has had the same idea and our fantasy is to become a reality. The only problem is, it's in Palm Springs and you have to be gay, lesbian or trans gender to live there, which kind of rules us out on a number of levels, but nonetheless we love the thinking behind it.

A team of ten established and up and coming architecture firms are working together to create BOOM, a LGBT retirement village which will challenge the traditonal pre-conceived notions of how older people should live.


The project is being developed online with architecture firm HWKN and design company Bruce Mau, who are co-ordinating a community of future residents through a site created specially for iPhones and iPads. The unconventional early adopters will help drive the design of the physical space and shape how the community will develop. They will also have a chance to get to know each other online, before they move in. 

So far plans include a climbing wall, clubhouse and roof top disco and of course stunning architecture.

BOOM is due to open in 2012. Any architects out there fancy developing a UK version?

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  • therese says:

    This looks very exciting! I love that it appreciates that as people get older we still want to be in vibrant, comfortable,sociable and aesthetically pleasing environments….bring it on

  • Jude says:

    Beam me up Scotty!! Looks fantastic doesn't it? Just need the UK version to be set up now……for straight AND gay….

  • Kay says:

    If they won't let in straights (born this way!) someone will have to build a sibling community down the road! What would gays do without straight women?

    The tea dances will be fantastic!

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