Watch this: Britains Next Big Thing

Britains next big thing
Any new designer or small manufacturer who has tried to get an appointment with a buyer from a major retailer, will know how difficult it is to get a foot in the door without some sort of introduction. Many buyers would love to have the time to research innovitive new products but are time poor and often rely on established trade shows and companies to come up with new ideas, making it almost impossible for unknown designers to pitch directly to big retailers.

Britains Next Big Thing starts on BBC 2 next Tuesday at 8pm and provides new and unknown designers with the opportunity of a lifetime, by asking them to pitch their ideas to the buying teams of three major retailers. Entrepreneur Theo Paphitis follows the buyers and suppliers as they experience the highs and lows of bringing a product to market – from initial pitch to the shop floor.

The series starts with Liberty opening its doors to the public with a unique open day. From 6am, over 600 people queue around the block for the opportunity to pitch their product to the buying team, led by Buying Director Ed Burstell. With just three minutes to pitch their wares, the pressure is on and only a handful will be selected to take their products further.

Like a Dragons Den for the retail industry, it sounds fascinating and will no doubt have us shouting at the TV!!

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