Technology packing: How did Captain James T Kirk cope?

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I LOVE packing for a holiday, as it allows me to put into practise the years of experience I've had moving from place to place. My dad was in the RAF, consequently my mum was always packing us up and being 'Marched Out' of one house (it's what the forces call an inventory check, terrifying stuff apparently) and 'Marched In' to another. I also went to boarding school from the age of 12 so have spent pretty much my whole life refining how to pack my own bag. 

What I really like is to edit out to the barest minimum, see how little I can get away with, even then I often take stuff I never end up using. I tend to take clothes in just two coordinating colourways (ok, so mostly boring back and white), pack multifunctioning dresses and I do nerdy stuff like decanting big bottles of cosmetics into small plastic ones with the exact calculated to the day…( thank heaven for Muiji).

So packing clothes a holiday capsule wardrobe is no probs. But what I have noticed over the last few holidays is the burgeoning amount of technology we seem to have to take with us. I'm thinking we might start needing something similar on the technology front to cope with all our hardware and wires.

This holiday there will be four laptops (plus wires) five phones (with two different wires) five cameras with five different battery chargers (and that's not counting my nice new battery operated Poloroid camera), an Ipad, a number of those small Shuffles, maybe The Kindle (altho' no one really likes it much) and of course all those headphones. 

When I suggested we might share the laptops and cut down on luggage we got into such a fight I decided it was easier to just let everyone do there own thing. The idea of doubling up on phones was met with incredulous stares. To be fair two of the teenagesons have exams when they get back so revision is being done and I am blogging and it appears ten days away from Facebook is an intolerable thought for all the teens. But still, how much easier things must have been for Captain Kirk with his minimalist technology collection of communicator for 'beaming up' and his phaser for knocking unwanted trouble on the head. 

Capsule techno-wadrobe anyone?

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