Charity watch: Kids of Kathmandu

This seems a very stylish way to raise money for a worth while cause (and a little more up-market than the tea cosies, although we loved those too). The Kids of Kathmandu charity has organised a bunch of smart designers and architects from New York to design a range of children’s desks, all of which are being auctioned off in a silent auction (ends May 12th so not much time to bid left).

And what gorgeous desks they are, they look beautifully made…..I’d quite like the one with the pencil holes in it, designed by Wadaly, or the double one above, by James Harmon would be fun. Sadly they are kids size, but perhaps if things go well at the auction they’ll make ’em bigger too.

The charity is Brooklyn NY based, so this is really for our US readers only and they seem a nice, committed bunch on the website. I really like the banner headline that came with the email, which said ‘Support should be considered a power tool’, which is a nice way to approach the whole idea of charitable giving. Check out all the desks and their makers here and the details of Kids of Kathmandu charity here.

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