We love: Heal’s Reveals blog


The nice people over at Heal’s have kindly put us on the blogroll of their new blog, called Heal’s Reveals. We are very grateful as we are amongst good company (it’s a ‘carefully edited list that will inspire Heal’s readers’ according to our contact Victoria, how fab are we?)

Heal’s Reveals is a good read, full of inspiring ideas, interviews with designers and details of events going on at the store (we’re big fans of the annual Slade artists in residence event).The blog is nicely linked to the selling website too, highlighting stories around products and designers, it’s amazing to us how few retailers and brands use their blogs effectively, they’re either too hard sell or too much about brand building. This one actually helps the customer, which is novel.

It also features interviews with two of our favourite designers, Lee Broom (if Kate and William get too many cut glass decanters they could get Lee to turn them into one of his light chandeliers, above) and Rob Ryan. I for one, am heading off to find that hidden street Rob’s talking about in his interview, where IS that?


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