Something else for the weekend: Maltby Street market

One of the annoying things about living in London is just when you think you have found something new and exciting, everyone else seems to discover it too, and before you know it the lovely little speak easy/junk shop/tapas bar is packed with lots of other people keen to share their secret find with their friends and family!

Therefore I write this post with great trepidation, as I really don’t want to turn up to Maltby Street market in a few months time to find it so full, it’s almost impossible to get into any of the shops or stalls. Not that there are that many of them – yet. But this as yet undiscovered little row of railway arches in Bermondsey, is being hailed as the new alternative to the horribly heaving Borough Market by London’s foodies and those in the know!

Anyone who has tried to browse the many stalls in Borough Market on a Saturday will know how frustrating it can be, mainly due to the sheer volume of visitors. I usually try to visit on a Friday when there are less tourists and stalls and it’s actually possible to wander and browse.

Visiting Maltby Street for the first time you would be forgiven for thinking there is actually nothing much there, but you have to have patience and be prepared to hunt down the best produce. Monmouth Coffeebrew their coffee here and it is home to the St John Bakery, who make the most amazing vanilla doughnuts! There is also a Neals Yard, Swiss cheese supplier Kase Swiss, Topolski, who sell seasonal Polish produce, and Kappacasein, who reportedly make the best toasted cheese sandwich (we didn’t have time to try one) and if you have any space left, you could finish off with a beer brewed by The Kernal Brewery.

It is definitely worth a visit before it inevitably grows into something much bigger, but if you do decide to go, whatever you do –  please don’t tell everyone!

Maltby Street Market, SE1, Saturdays 9am – 2pm


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