Backgammon sets from Preeti for the summer hols

We love these cute back gammon sets from the lovely Preeti Design website, which strike us as the perfect ‘what to do on the beach /in the garden /on a picnic’ game for the summer holidays, with large and small children alike. The colourful sets are made in India from the same fabric that turbans are made from and is embellished with brass trimmings. The efficient way it bundles up into a fabric bag makes light to carry and ideal to stash away into the bottom of a beach basket. Would make a nice present to take when visiting friends over the summer.

Back gammon set £25 and you have the extra warm feeling that Rosie from Preeti is working directly with her small team of women workers in India, so they keep the profits close to home. The new range of bags and necklaces are also out and worth a look. We also love the Borie bags.

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