War Paint by Lindy Woodhead

War Paint: Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, Their Lives, their Times, their Rivalry, by Lindy Woodhead. This dual biography isn’t merely the tale of two impressive female entrepreneurs, but the story of the rise of the beauty industry, which was small and incestuous back in the day. As I said in my review: “All the world loves a cat fight, especially if the adversaries are well matched, and this exposes every scratch and hiss of a rivalry that consumed the cosmetics industry for most of the 20th century.” I guarantee that anyone who’s ever worn lipstick will love this book.

Lee Randall, senior features writer, The Scotsman


  • This is a truly wonderful book, beautifully written, informative and entertaining. Much applause for Lindy who reinvented herself from successful fashion PR to superb biographer.

  • Jane says:

    I was wondering if it was ‘that’ Lindy Woodhead. Now I know thanks Jo


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