Dr Martens are back!

We have fond memories of MA-1 Flying Jackets, black polo necks, Levi’s 501’s and black Dr Martens. The uniform of the fashionable 1980’s girl about town, we were nothing if not comfortable! All those years of stomping around in what are essentially workmens shoes, spoilt us forever, and we still long for the comfort of the air cushion sole.

So the good news is, Dr Martens are back – in a big way. Seen at the Autumn Winter catwalk shows, it is now ok to wear them again, without the danger of looking like a 1980’s throwback. Phew!!

You can buy them online from the Dr Martens Shop, but be warned stick to the classics, floral Dr Martens, were not then and are not now, in any way fashionable – you have been warned!!



  • Sue Evans says:

    Well I am afraid I’m ignoring the advice of the Womens Room Fashion Police and wearing the floral boots with velvet laces ……

  • Amanda says:

    Oooh velvet laces! Nice idea, but where do you get velvet laces from? Ax

  • Sue Evans says:

    Where else but J Lewis haberdashery — narrow velvet ribbon in a contrast shade …….. could be grosgrain if velvet doesn’t appeal

  • Amanda says:

    Oh good old John Lewis, brilliant idea. Ax

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