East London Mornings

Blue Legume and Lemon Monkey

I have always considered breakfast the most important and enjoyable meal of the day, which if you time it right, can totally replace lunch, which I quite frankly I despise. If my teens dare utter the words ‘what’s for lunch?’ they know they will be given very short shrift, as I simply ‘don’t do’ lunch!

Living where I do I am lucky enough to be surrounded with a fabulous selection of breakfast venues. Within five minutes walk of our house, we can enjoy a French Turkish, Spanish, German, or full English breakfast, with not a Starbucks to be seen. More and more eclectic independant cafes and coffee shops run by artists, designers and young entrepenuers spring up every day, and as many local people don’t  live a nine to five life, they are thriving.

Mouse and De Lotz

East London Mornings is a delightful blog which provides a guide to Hackney’s best breakfast spots, each accompanied by an lovely illustration from a local artist. What a great way to celebrate local business’s and talent.
If only more food guides were this creative and inspiring!

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