A Vintage Weekend

This weekend MAD and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon pottering around the Vintage Festival on London’s Southbank. Geraldine and Wayne Hemingway (of Red or Dead fame) started the Vintage Festival last year at Goodwood. The combination of retro music, fashion and culture was a roaring success and this year they decided to move it to London. Taking place over three days at the Festival Hall, pass holders could learn to dance, enjoy a makeover, see live performances, exclusive DJ sets and catwalk shows, or visit one of the 10 specially created night clubs. There was also lots of free entertainment, specialist food stall and vans, and a great vintage market.

We went along to the free vintage high street and found a great mixture of interesting vintage clothing, furniture and haberdashery, including the new range of Horrockses bed linen (more on this soon). It was great to see so much creativity, unique products, fantastic hairstyles and amazing outfits!  Next year, we will be buying passes, getting out our winkle pickers and back combing our hair!



  • stitchthis says:

    Oh it looks brilliant – I really wanted to go but couldn’t make it. Will start growing my hair for next year! Lovely blog, am off to explore some more.

  • Oh I was working there all weekend – and I took a photo of the girl with the chicks in her hair! – shame I didn’t see you.

  • Jane says:

    That was my favourite hairstyle of all time, isn’t she fab. Yes shame we didn’t bump into each other


  • Jude says:

    I loved the girl with the ship and the cake in her hair – I watched her create the most fabulous up-do on someone. Totally agree with you abour the furniture – it made me want to re-furnish my place.
    But I must admit I didn’t enjoy it as much as last years (despite the rain) at Goodwood. I was about to shell out £60 to get inside the RFH but then discovered you had to pay extra on top (which could be up to £40) to see the headlining bands. Speaking to a couple of the stall holders, rumour has it that Vintage might return to its rural/camping format next year.

  • Jane says:

    Jude I think it may be better with the old format, as then its all in one place and seems more like value for money. The we can glamp and get properly dressed up.

  • Jude says:

    Yes exactly, the atmosphere was lacking, at least it was in the cheap seats – I guess it was better actually in the RFH though. And yes, proper dressing up is whats called for next year.

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