Books from Peirene Press


What a joy this little publishing house is, which kindly sent us three of its titles last week to read. Firstly, its an independent publishing house producing interesting European works of literature (not too many of them around). Secondly, it only produces books of 200 pages or less, ie SHORT ones, perfect for train journeys, flights or sitting around waiting for kids. Thirdly, it is dead keen to build communities around book lovers and offers all sorts of interesting events and salons for literature (and wine…but check the site for details). Fourthly, it’s doing really well, winning all sorts of awards and prizes for quality and design as well as the books themselves.

The fact that the books -which are beautifully bound- are fantastic to read seems almost an added bonus, all of them won awards or are best sellers in their original language. I’ve just finished Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman which was hauntingly, sadly romantic and was on The Guardian’s Books of The Year list for 2010. We’ve also got Stone in a Landslide, which was on The Independent and Foyles Books of the Year list for 2010 and Beside the Sea, long-listed for Independent Foreign Fiction prize 2011, to read too. They might be a good place to start and each book as a ‘sample reading’ section for you to see if it appeals, which should be compulsory for all online book sellers.

Check out the terrific website and the well written and informative blog as well, chick lit this ain’t.


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