Worn / Kingpins: Denin Inspiration From Sue Barrett

Our denim trend forecasting pal Sue Barrett has produced a lovely magazine on stylish denim attire you may be interested in, if vintage indigo is your thing. Worn Publications is a review of beautifully curated vintage clothes and their wearers,  with a visual narrative on how these items are reflected in current street style.

Western wear is re emerging as a major focus for denim brands (you heard it here first, cowgirls) and this edition of Worn is a collaboration with Kingpins, the influential denim trade show, Sue and vintage archivists The Vintage Showroom.

Sue, who works as a denim and casual wear consultant to a number of denim brands  told us “What we wanted to curate/create is a broad visual map of how iconic denim pieces are currently being worn. So a balance of denim-heads wearing heritage jackets with pleated front for example, or streetwear guys wearing clean black or white denim and 90’s denim oversized looks. All of this comes together to create a portrait of denim now.

I often think Sue has the BEST job, as she creates bespoke capsule ranges for clients, sources vintage fabrics and garments as well as curating 24 months ahead of the game seasonal forecasts for casual-wear. I’d love to be immersed in that much indigo.  I’m trying to encourage her to do another denim buying guide for us on the latest denim shapes for grown up women, but she’s a busy person, so stick with us.

Worn / Kingpins Edition 1 will launch at Denim Days, New York next week, if you are Stateside, or you can buy it from The Vintage Showroom website


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