We love: The Car Aromarizor

Well here’s a brilliant idea I wish I’d thought of, a high quality perfume dispenser that makes your car smell gorgeous, like an up market version of one of those green pine tree swingy things. The Car Aromarizor plugs into the cigarette lighter and wafts any one of 32 perfumes from Illuminum into the car, for up to 70 hours, meaning you can make the car interior smell of lovely things like Rose Oud or Tribal Black tea instead of muddy rugby boots and last month’s tuna sandwich that’s still stuffed in the glove compartment.

Illuminum is a British perfume brand that does lovely, quality smells, so I suspect all 32 perfumes offered for the Aromarizor smell good, the company suggests Bergamot Blossom (bergamot, blood oranges, neroli, musk) and Piper Leather (black pepper, leather, coriander) as good ones to start with…£20 for the Aromarizor and £10 for the perfume refills from here

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